Author: Hana Bowers

Sacred Australia: Unity, Faith, Hope & Love Amidst Turmoil

When we look around the world as it is today (especially if we turn on the TV to watch the news or read it online or in our local newspaper), it may appear as though it is full of toxicity, hatred and fear to an extent that is confusing and convoluted. There is so much focus on notions which breed separation such as gender, nationality, race and religion (if you’re wondering what I am talking about, you can refer to the US presidential election taking place!). These issues are deep rooted in the fabric of the history of my...

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My Spiritual Journey

the idea of one God relates to how God is our best friend and will always be with us no matter what. It’s a principal of boundless love and devotion that is hard to explain intellectually, but can only be accessed through the heart.

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