Author: Mahatma Das

Forgiveness Challenges You

Forgiveness challenges us to be compassionate, to offer kindness to someone who seemingly doesn’t deserve it. We may think, “Why should I be nice to the person who has hurt me?” This is the logical mind at work, and this logical mind isn’t going to forgive.

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Living a Life of Total Forgiveness

How Much Can We Forgive? All spiritual traditions are full of stories of forgiveness. Most of these stories are about extraordinary acts of forgiveness, the kind of forgiveness that seems possible only for special souls. When you hear these stories you might think that this kind of forgiveness is reserved only for saints. I thought that way for years. But two things changed this attitude. A friend told me a story about a boy who was flirting with a girl in a bar. The girl became so enraged that she took out a knife and stabbed the boy to...

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