Baha’is believe in progressive revelation. We believe that Baha’u’llah is the manifestation of God for this time. This is important to understand when thinking about the unification of the tribes. Baha’is believe that we are all one people, all somewhere in the cycle of revelation of one manifestation or another. That’s why we have no problem praying, communing, and spending time with people of other faiths for we see all faiths as coming from the same point, God. It’s almost as if we are saying that we have to reunify the tribes.

Of course, uniting the tribes is no simple task. There are many different denominations within each religion, each with their own interpretations of their Holy Books. But, within each denomination, within each religion, we see many points that transcend one religion and share a commonality with all religions. We have to start with the points that are unifying and work from there.

The idea of “Unite the Tribes” can and will become a reality in time. We may even see it in our lifetime if we are lucky. But change has to happen for this coming together to work. We truly have to be united in our love for one another; all creatures under God. Issues that are currently troubling the world have to be dealt with by the knowledgeable in each of the Faiths involved. Many of those fleeing to Europe currently are refugees because of their Faith, if you want to break it down to the core reason.

We really need to have more interfaith celebrations that show the commonalities of our faiths, not the divisions. The core belief that we all share, people of faith, that we are all being guided by God. Only then can we celebrate the oneness of mankind.

Together, Unified, One! One God!
Photo by israeltourism