In relation to Uniting The Tribes: All people on this planet are defined by color, class or creed. The abuse of religion and politics is responsible for much division and even war and suffering on our world. Through the global recognition of One God, I believe that men and women will begin to recognize that regardless of our labels, personal preferences, and philosophical viewpoints, we have a common origin and destiny that overshadows any human loyalties or social allegiances.

Our Cosmic Duty and social obligation to create a peaceful and sustainable world for our children’s children’s children, requires that we open our minds from any prescribed ideology that limits us to one part of the world, to a broader viewpoint of Global Citizenship where we are all connected to, and dependent on, Each Other. We don’t have to be alike or think alike, but we must recognize that we all want the same things in life and that through loving unity, we can achieve them.

For there to be peace on earth, first there must be goodwill, and for there to be goodwill, all people must recognize God’s Will and live it! Just as an apple tree naturally brings forth apples, thus will Sincerely Spiritual People naturally come together, emerging from their various Tribes as they embrace the reality of the All-Embracing Global Tribe of Brothers and Sisters united through the Spirit of our Universal Creator.

The Urantia Book states that;

All these religions have arisen as a result of man’s variable intellectual response to his identical spiritual leading. They can never hope to attain a uniformity of creeds, dogmas, and rituals — these are intellectual; but they can, and some day will, realize a unity in true worship of the Father of all, for this is spiritual, and it is forever true, in the spirit all men (and women) are equal. 92:7.4