The harvest is plenteous, yet the labourers are few. Far too often ministers take it upon themselves to incorporate conversion as part of their ministry. That is, they take up the futile challenge of converting those who are already satisfied with their current world view and or beliefs no matter how erroneous they may or may not be.

There are literally millions who are languishing in darkness right now, who are not satisfied with their current beliefs, and are thirsty for that saving light that promises them a God who will hear their prayers, and offers life eternal beyond the confounds of this world.

It is our jobs as ministers to offer bite size pieces of truth to those who are hungry for it, not to satisfy their hunger, but rather give them just enough to whet their appetite and enlarge that hunger within them. When that individual seeks after God on his/her own, they’re supplying that requisite effort for the Spirit of Truth to come in and do his own work.

It’s easy to get our “selves” too involved with ministry, and that type of service is self draining, and exhausting. The effective minister knows to leave him/her self out of the service, and just be the conduit necessary for God to detect the faintest flicker of faith in the individual, and then graciously step aside after heralding that thirsty soul to the Father.

Come with me as we discuss two proven techniques for improving our ministry today!