In the ancient Sanskrit texts of the Bhagavad Gita, it is stated that God is the source from which everything emanates and that God the cause of all causes. It is explained that God and God’s energy is in everything. This is a concept or belief that many people of many faiths tend to believe or support in some way. However, when dialogue around what God’s name should be, how he should act, how he should be treated and called upon, whether or not he is a person or he is impersonal etc. commences, many people have different ideas and opinions on this matter.

This difference and variation is beautiful because it shows different beliefs and cultures and ways of expressing faith. However, unfortunately today, this can create much fighting about who is right and who is wrong. Mahatma Das explains, this can be problematic because many people tend to say that they are right and others are wrong- that “my God” cannot be like “your God”. However, as Mahatma Das states, if God is the source of everything, then he can be like everyone thinks he is. Meaning, his nature of limitlessness enables him to be in everything and everyone, and also take the forms in which people worship him.