Find in me the strength of my Father’s hand,
Seek in me the love I felt at last stand.

Set me free from the bondage of hypocrisy,
Where, behind colored bars of stained glass you lock me.

Don’t you see, you cannot capture me?
My body is eternal, for I am but ether;
I can see all, but you see neither.

Kill me slow, for long suffering awaits,
Wrestle me freely, so you begin to anticipate,
My next and every move for your free will ensues.

Humble me rough, so humility,
Like bread,
May stick to your gut.

Rib of my ribs,
You are bone of my bones.
Drink my blood as you splay me to the tree,
Eat my flesh as antidote to your lack of humility.

Meet my mother as she embraces my flesh,
Weak and wrecked, mounted before death;
Hear my Father’s voice as he sobs, still in his silence,
His rage released, rumbles my mother,
Splitting her holy veil in twain.