The truth is one and is independent of particular details. The truth pervades every land and every religion. We are all one being; every human as part of one larger organism. God is one; God is Allah, Brahman and YHWH. All religions teach peace and unity; do what is for the best of self and others and if any are harmed by an action then that action needs to be stopped. Our Father is a God of love and does not enjoy punishing humanity, but as a good loving parent, God will when we endanger ourselves and/or others. This, God’s judgment, Karma, is the balance of the universe and it holds all together in this complex dance of existence.

As infants we are all equal, vulnerable, selfless and perfect; as we grow we defile our temples as we struggle to find that once lost connection to the Absolute. If God is not found of our own free will in this life then at death we are given another chance; we are guided by angels in our shortcomings, then choose our next set of experiences designed to move us toward the light; then we are born again. For the saints have found God and have no need, or desire, to return for they have turned their faces to the nurturing bosom of heaven and God’s supple fountain of life. Those that do choose to return do so as servants of the Father, prophets and guides; serving as divine conduits to show all the paths to God. Listen, oh wretched condition of man, cast down your idols and worship none other than our one true Father; God of Christ, Creator, Preserver, Grand Architect of the Universe, and lover of all souls. For only God has the power to judge all. So cast your hearts away from man-made conceptions and turn to the truth that is unconditional Love. Accept Jesus as your savior, the eminent presence the one transcendent God, and humble yourself before our Father, the Lord God Most High.

Just as light hits a physical object and cast a shadow, so too does the divine light when it encounters the forms of reality project all the particular physical/earthly forms. All experience matter as a collection of particular attributes that share the same common ones of form and function. Particulars are no more then perceptually centered differentiation. To see beyond the illusion, into the divine reality, beyond the shadows of our corporeal perception, one must look past the particulars of perception to the constants of being. Particulars are Becoming, while the Divine Reality is simply Being.

Out of His Imago we were begotten and made; lesser gods are we then to create our destiny in the walk of Life and through the strength of Faith. Our path is illuminated by the grace of God’s Holy Spirit; as a gift to humanity God sent his Alpha, his creating Logos so that Gnosis of God will be with us until the end of time, when God will usher in his new kingdom in the coming of the Omega, as God’s full revelation is manifested in all the cosmos.

Feature Photo by dreamsjung