A belief is a thought that you repeat over and over again. Eventually you no longer question its origin or veracity. As well, in time some beliefs become “belief systems” that large numbers of people swear by and no longer question.

What of your beliefs have you consciously examined and explored to determine if they are really “true” for you or not? Have you recently slowed down enough to ask yourself what your beliefs are? Have you examined what function they serve in your life?

Stop believing in anything; and you may find that which is truth itself.

As you explore and release your dysfunctional beliefs you will be able to find your own personal meaning and purpose for your life and gain more personal power and mastery every step of the way.

So, daily take the time to slow down and just objectively listen to yourself. Get away from all the myriad distractions you allow in your life and just stop and objectively and dispassionately listen to yourself. By doing so, you will begin to “hear” yourself and in “hearing” yourself you may be surprised at what you discover.

As Socrates said: The life unexamined is not worth living.

So, take the time to ponder these things and adjust your life and beliefs accordingly.


If you follow any one other than your Self, you will surely get lost!