1GOD Contributor Ben Bowler sits down with Dr. Ramesh Bijlani to hear more about Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, and their inspiring spirituality.

Ramesh BiljaniDr. Ramesh Bijlani is a writer, inspirational speaker, medical scientist and retired Professor of Physiology who has specialized in physiology, nutrition, and yoga. He is the author of more than 200 scientific papers, more than 50 popular articles, and 14 books, including a 1000-page textbook for medical students and teachers, Understanding Medical Physiology (2004), and a 32-page picture book for 5- to 8-year-olds, Our Body: A Wonderful Machine (1986), which was the best selling title published by the National Book Trust for the decade 1995–2005.

We are proud to welcome Dr. Bijlani to the 1GOD family of contributors.

Feature Photo by moujemouje