How do we avoid prejudice and unite the world?

Simple. Grass roots. Unity cannot be obtained first politically, it has to first come up from the common people.

Political bias and buying into and SELF-IDENTIFYING with liberal/conservative, black/white, male/female on a primary basis of intent is subjecting yourself to an old oppositional form of control based on divide and conquer, or using the fundamental differences in opinion to create hostility.

If we consider the Ying-Yang symbology of Daoism, we can see that it is also dual, two oppositional parts, and yet the Ying- Yang symbol also reminds us that Yin lives in Yang and Yang lives in Yin. Black is in white and white is in black, male is inherently part of female and female is inherently part of male.

If we consider this concept we can quickly see that always aligning ourselves with any one group against an oppositional group will be removing that knowledge from the Tao, from the heart and the mind, that knowledge that we all are part of each unity, and so unity will be destroyed.

There are simple rules to Unity, and we MUST follow them.

Any GROUP cannot OWN spiritual concepts, these concepts are owned by God, and all we do is engage with them, all else is power play and manipulation. We CANNOT engage with ‘us and them’ thinking at any time, this defeats the whole point of unity, and is the way that the world governs not the way that the Divine rules, which is what we are reaching for.

We are, and will always be, individuals BEFORE we are part of a group, not part of a group before we are individuals. Our unity depends on our individual ability to choose unity over division and uniformity caused by political discussion, speculation and other far away “knowledge where we are not.”

Policy is not love, Love is knowing and understanding someone, policy is judging them before we know or understand them. Policy is the language of division.
Love must remain unconditional in all its forms, we can love from near, or afar, but it must be constant, and consistent. Love does not mean we have to dwell in the vicinity of those on a destructive path, but it does mean we shouldn’t hate them, and so perpetuate their vicious cycle. Love means non-judgement. Love means not wanting to be right rather than wanting to be kind.

We are all at a different stage in our lives, and all our lives are also different, in a myriad of ways, as are our personalities. We are all unique. How can we therefore judge? Truly we cannot, and yet so many do, based upon surface value.

What’s going to affect you more directly and more immediately? A distant politician or your neighbour?
Man must create up to date symbols and slogans, and I think if we chose to stay with the ones we fight over now then we aren’t going to get very far.

Is doing this easy?


We are going against the tide of the world, but someone must begin to go against the tide of the world, and as we do, the tide will turn.
Be sincere. If nothing else, remember that; because that is the forefront of real learning and then real change.