During the World Weavers’ pilot, Mystic Express Program in India which gives participants the unique opportunity to experience first hand the rich tapestry of spiritual traditions in India, including: Islam, Baha’i, Vaishnava and other expressions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikh, Sufi and more, 1GOD Contributors, Ben Bowler and Darrol Bryant sat down for a conversation on what the way forward is for a truly global spiritual unity.

In their discussion, Dr. Darrol Bryant takes the lessons learned from his decades of experience working with and experiencing other spiritual traditions and applies that experience to the problem of finding our way towards a real spiritual unity which already binds all of the human family whether we realise it or not!

World Weavers is a sister organisation of 1GOD.com and offers spiritual adventures which allow participants to experience the major spiritual traditions of our human family first hand through programs such as The Mystic Express in India, Monk for a Month in Cambodia, and the Rasta Roots Experience in Ethiopia. The goal of understanding our brothers and sisters in different parts of the world from different spiritual traditions through first hand experience is near and very dear to the hearts of everyone involved in the 1GOD platform.
Photo by hoyasmeg