At a time when it looks to many like the world may be in danger of tearing apart at the seams, U DAY Festival is an energetic global effort to promote the values of spiritual unity, ecological awareness and intercultural harmony within a growing planetary consciousness.

Beginning in Thailand in 2012, U DAY Festival brings together spiritual, religious and traditional leaders from a variety of backgrounds as well as conscious musicians and artists. It is a powerful weaving together of profound spiritual ceremony and inspirational musical performances. The objective is to shift the consciousness from fear, division and anxiety to optimism and renewed enthusiasm for a more united, peaceful and sustainable planet.

An initiative of the growing global network of UNITY EARTH, U DAY Festival includes aspects of dialogue, shared spiritual practises, ritual and major musical performances. It is an adventure in transformational space with a collection of amazing people, all working in their own way towards a brighter vision for our world.

U DAY 2018: “Land of Origins” is taking place in Ethiopia in the first week of February as part of World Interfaith Harmony Week. In partnership with the Inter-Religious Council of Ethiopia, the Dialogue Forum of the African Union and with collaborative input from the Rastafari community, U DAY 2018 in Ethiopia is shaping up to be a historic coming-together. The Buddhist Monks from U DAY 2012 will be leading a large delegation from Thailand, and will be joining Sufi, Sikh and Baha’i leaders from India, as well as Tibetan Lamas, Aboriginal Australians, and other traditional leaders from North America, Central America and Asia.

The program begins with a two-day spiritual retreat and opening ceremony in sacred Lalibela, then down to Addis Ababa for a special gathering at the Africa Union and the major U-NITE Concert on February 3rd. In Addis Ababa we will immerse into the life and teachings of Haile Selassie and discover why his message of peace and planetary consciousness is as vital for the world now as it ever was.

On February 5th, Delegates head down the rift valley to Shashamane, spiritual home of the Rastafari Community in Ethiopia. Shashamane, the place of legend so honoured in song, will be a deeper immersion into the Rastafari culture and Bob Marley’s message of peace, love, faith and unity. The festival concludes in Shashamane with a peace concert on Bob Marley’s birthday on February 6th featuring all the U Day Artists.

Grammy nominated Reggae Legends Pato Banton and Rocky Dawuni head a stellar line up of spiritual musicians from around the world who are coming to U DAY Festival including the brilliant Kristin Hoffman and Lyla June Johnson, an incredible US artist and indigenous activist.

The retreat at Lalibela will be a beautiful beginning to the journey. It is a World Heritage Area based on the mysterious 800 year old rock-carved church structures that the locals say were made by Angels, it is one of the holiest sites in all Ethiopia. Here the world indigenous leaders will perform a Four Directions ceremony, followed by a Convergence of Fire, spiritually bringing all the lines together into a Global Flame of One Love. This is especially resonant in light of honouring the spirit of Bob Marley.

For those that cannot be physically present in Ethiopia there are two great ways to connect and to be involved:

  1. Join in a Global Mediation on U DAY February 3rd at 10am PST, hosted by David Nicol of Gaiafield. Be there to help forge the fires of Peace, Compassion and Unity into a Global Fire of One Love. Register here:
  2. Join in the U-Nite Concert Livestream, straight from Addis Ababa with an incredible array of inspirational musicians from around the world including two Grammy nominated artists! Feb 3rd from 8am PST, just “attend” this dedicated facebook event to catch the live-stream on Feb 3rd:


U DAY 2018, a collaboration with URI, is part of the Road to 2020 global series of events building momentum towards unity over the coming years. U DAY 2019 is in India in November and 2020 is scheduled for Jerusalem as well as a Caravan of Unity across America in the Fall.

The time has come, for Unity, for Peace, for Compassion. We invite you to join us.