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Our Contributors discuss what the idea of one universal, transcendent, immanent God means to them based on their backgrounds and beliefs.


Introducing Karuna

I try to bring my own unique brand of compassion, enthusiasm and pure joy to every Kundalini Yoga practice. In fact, in Sanskrit, Karuna means “Compassion”.

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My Spiritual Journey

the idea of one God relates to how God is our best friend and will always be with us no matter what. It’s a principal of boundless love and devotion that is hard to explain intellectually, but can only be accessed through the heart.

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God Is Personal

Being connected to the mind of God adds significant meaning to our lives. This communion has personally given me support, strength, clear perceptions about my next steps, and alignment within my very own being. When we all have a conscious connection to our Source, we begin to live a life with purpose, passion and intelligence.

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The Grandeur and Transcendence of God

Just as the sun which hits a stained glass window is one, but produces a diversity of distinct colors and shapes, so is God one. Each culture, as represented by the colored panes of glass, allow God’s light so shine in the world but shapes the divine light into its own expression.

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Our Connection With God: A Very Personal Yet Universal Journey

If I were to define my personal understanding of ‘One God’, I would say that it is an universal creative, conscious energy that constantly evolves. It is not static but dynamic, and is always evolving. I also believe we have a responsibility to evolve as well, and align ourselves with this energy to experience oneness with it and with each other.

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GOD is Limited Only By Us

If God is the source of everything, then he can be everything everyone thinks he is and more. Meaning, his nature of limitlessness enables him to be in everything and everyone, and also take the forms in which people worship him.

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One Universal God

To Neo-Pagans, a Universal God is experienced differently by each individual. We often choose venerate this Universal God using the term “Goddess” to emphasize the oft forgotten feminine aspect of the Divine, but understanding its equally important masculine aspects.

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New Ways of Believing in 1GOD

Like the big religious organisations, many of us lost our own source and are looking for new ways of believing. I believe the religions hold a lot of wisdom on how to do so, while their rules prevent us from connecting to the reason of religious rules and habits.

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Quiet Moments For Unity

With the finality of death, shouldn’t we be able seek our own individual path to peace without judgment and with full acceptance? If so, then 1God is certainly an attainable vision to unite the tribes. And when attained, we might find we can agree that quiet moments are truly “filled with endless brilliance.”

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