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Thinking About God

This is the place for the discussion and advancement of theology which leads towards our fundamental principle of one transcendent spiritual creator above, and one global human fraternity below.

Thinking about God: Without life, there is no living; without God, there is no life.



"Without the Way there is no going; without the Truth there is no knowing."

- Thomas A. Kempis



The truth is one and is independent of particular details. The truth pervades every land and every religion. We are all one being; every human as part of one larger organism. God is one; God is Allah, Brahman and YHWH.

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We Begin Our Journey Through Advent

This Advent let us imagine what this Kingdom of God on Earth will look like. What would happen if we truly believed that we are all the “Body of Christ” as we often proclaim. Will it be a world where we will “abound in Love for one another” and for all creation. As Brian McLaren says: “If Jesus message of the Kingdom of God is true then everything must change.”

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