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Unite the Tribes


Our contributors discuss what our tagline 'UNITE THE TRIBES' means to them based on their backgrounds and beliefs.


Quiet Moments For Unity

With the finality of death, shouldn’t we be able seek our own individual path to peace without judgment and with full acceptance? If so, then 1God is certainly an attainable vision to unite the tribes. And when attained, we might find we can agree that quiet moments are truly “filled with endless brilliance.”

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Uniting the Tribes

For there to be peace on earth, first there must be goodwill, and for there to be goodwill, all people must recognize God’s Will and live it! Just as an apple tree naturally brings forth apples, thus will Sincerely Spiritual People naturally come together, emerging from their various Tribes as they embrace the reality of the All-Embracing Global Tribe of Brothers and Sisters united through the Spirit of our Universal Creator.

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