Antoinette Hall

Antoinette Hall- Profile


Antoinette “Rootsdawtah” Hall is a world renowned keyboardist in the Reggae Industry. She became involved in the Spiritual Community after working with Pato Banton and joining on his Mission of spreading the Good News that “we’re all God’s Children, brothers & sisters”.

Since then she has become very proactive in Global Outreach Ministry, which includes The Urantia Movement, U-Day Thailand, Parliament of the World’s Religions,, Harvard Divinity School & most recently, a presentation for the Convergence Gathering at the United Nations Chapel in New York. Antoinette’s Facebook spiritual communities also include, MinisterPatoBanton, Urantia Aspirations, Ministers For Christ Michael, Urantia 101 for New Readers, and COEXIST! Her present musical works include the “Thoughts of Paradise” Meditation CD, “The Words Of Christ” & the “Joyful and Happy” soundtrack which is featured in the spiritually motivated documentary called “Return to Happiness”.