Vera de Chalambert

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Vera de Chalambert, MTS, is a mindfulness facilitator, spiritual storyteller and Harvard educated scholar of comparative religion. She speaks and writes about spiritual culture, mindfulness in the modern world and the Divine Feminine and is a speaker at SAND Science and Nonduality Conference in the US and Europe.

Vera holds a Master’s degree from Harvard Divinity School and has mined for her soul at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and Jason Shulman’s Institute for Nondual Healing and Awakening. Her work explores the meeting place of creativity, psychology and spirituality and is informed by insights from both Eastern and Western philosophies.

She is deeply influenced by Buddhist and Kabalistic lineages and is a lover of the world’s great wisdom traditions. She recognizes the intricate process of healing and awakening, unfolding for so many around the planet at this time, and offers healing sessions and spiritual direction via Skype and phone.


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